Maggie McKivergin, RN, MS, CNS, HNC

Holistic Nurse Consultant

1995 National Holistic Nurse of the Year

Honored as One of 100 Transformers in Nursing and Allied Health in 100 years at the Ohio State University

Nurturing the Essence of an Individual Across the Spectrum of Life


  • Life coaching using a holistic approach to maximize energy in all areas of your life;
  • Advanced assessment with recommendations for individualized program of self care (includes meridian stress assessment);
  • Review of mindfulness practices and relaxation exercises with each visit;
  • Disease specific protocols for treating the essence of imbalances to include complementary medicines and integrative approaches;
  • Collaboration with local, regional and national team of experts to support your care;
  • A broad spectrum of educational offerings to help understand life and how it effects your health.
  • Continuing education and consulting for healthcare professionals regarding complementary health and medicine.