We have found Maggie to be very knowledgeable and helpful as we pursue alternative treatments for our children. She has been so kind and patient with us, even calling us to follow up after our visits with her. We appreciate her genuine desire to help us figure out what is and isn’t working for our bodies and get us on track to a healthy life! Hiliary Stach

My son suffers from severe focus issues, numerous learning challenges, and all of the frustrations, stresses, and moods that are common for teenagers who want to succeed and are hitting a lot of internal road-blocks . After starting a nutritional supplement protocol with Maggie, we saw immediate improvement in all aspects of his behavior. Maggie was also the first to discover that my son had some spinal dis-placement because of a car accident which he was in 4 years ago, and she recommended a chiropractor, who helped tremendously. We are very pleased with the process and the progress. My son is now learning to identify when his body is off-balance, and starting to be aware of ways to help himself. J.C, teacher.

Maggie McKivergin RN,HNC is a truly dedicated and gifted professional. She has intuitive and sharp diagnostic skills; as well as effective and proven healing solutions. She is also a very engaging professional whose focus is 100% on the well being of her patients. I came to Maggie with some very nagging skin problems which had plagued me for years. I had been the traditional medical route with antibiotics etc. Also I had seen another Holistic health professional with similar equipment as Maggie’s, this other professional had never been able to diagnose my situation at all. After spending 1 hour with Maggie she correctly diagnosed my condition and wrote very detailed supplement directions for my therapy. My skin condition improved dramatically within a few days. As I said earlier, Maggie has an intuitive gift for diagnosing and treating disease. I owe many , many thanks to Maggie for her great care and I would highly recommend her. Marti Federico

Just wanted to let you know, just got my labs back –everything normal except my cholesterol was 223. My cholesterol has NEVER been 223! Last year it was almost 300. My LDL was in the normal range, too! WOOHOO! Thank you for setting me on this path! Bless you! Mitzi Mahon,RN,MSN,PNP

Our 5 year old little girl was having soreness all over with a poor appetite and a skin rash of unknown cause. We really enjoyed our visit with you and appreciated your assessment and insights. Within a week of using your remedy and suggestions, I am already noticing a huge difference. All of a sudden she has an appetite like I have never seen. You can’t feed her enough it seems : ) I have only heard her complain about her stomach once in the past week. And she isn’t craving sweets as much…if anything, she is shunning them (that is what bothered her stomach last week). I can’t thank you enough! Dr. K.N, D.C.