Individual Consultations

I offer a private practice in which I listen to the goals and needs of a person as we discuss the effects of stress, changes and challenges to the health of a person with resultant recommendations for a step by step use of complementary approaches to promote well-being in all areas of their life.

I approach each person from a holistic perspective, offering a deeper understanding into how life impacts the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, relational, vocational and environmental aspects of ourselves. Recommendations are made in which to optimize well-being in all these aspects of your life as we create a specific plan of caring for yourself. I can work in conjunction with your primary physician to complement your current plan of care as well as make referrals to a team of qualified practitioners who can help you achieve your goals. My recommendations are in no way meant to replace your current medical care but to complement your care in order to achieve a higher level of health.

People often seek my work after they have tried other avenues and have not found the level of health they are seeking. Sometimes, individuals visit to find out why they are not feeling well when all their lab and traditional diagnostic studies are normal. You can self-refer or often physicians or other healthcare practitioners can refer clients to me to help identify imbalances and make suggestions as to the assessment and treatment of specific conditions. We can create a very conscious team of support to help you meet your highest goals.

The first step in building our relationship is the initial consultation visit which is generally two hours long.  I am interested in the history of your life from a holistic perspective and listen for themes which could be underlying specific emotions, symptoms and diseases you may be experiencing. We then discuss possible ways in which to help with vitamins, supplements and body balancing as well as addressing stress and emotional factors. I am interested in looking for the root cause of imbalances and thus recommend your plan of care accordingly. It is possible to do this part of the assessment on Zoom to minimize your exposure to a different environment.

In the office, I also use an assessment tool called meridian stress assessment (MSA) which looks at the highways of energy (acupuncture meridians) in the body that have destinations to each of the major organs and systems of the body.  We can assess at that point in time what looks to be out of balance, scan for potential causes of imbalances and make recommendations of what may bring you to optimal levels of health and happiness. (see website for further descriptions). This part of the evaluation lasts at least an hour, depending on the complexity of your needs. With each session, there may be a homeopathic remedy which is sold to you to help balance your system. This can include remedies for emotional, physical, viruses, bacteria or allergies. Each bottle is $25. I also have a special protocol for the Covid virus which is 75$.

With recent social distancing, I now give you the option to schedule for virtual assessments via Zoom or phone call. Zoom involves you downloading the Zoom app onto your computer and then I will send you an email to which you will click the link and we are then connected and can see each other. Instructions on the Zoom website can be viewed here ( We can talk for at least an hour for your intake interview and then schedule your MSA assessment on site at the Center at a different time. There will be patient education forms on my website,, which you can download to assist with your education and follow up of our session. After a Zoom or phone session, I mail you a homeopathic remedy as well as shopping list for supplements to be obtained from Leaves of Life and patient instructions. Call Leaves of Life (614-888-4372) to fill your order and they will bring it out to the car for you. Set up a time in advance with them for pick up or they can mail to you for a small fee.

We make a step by step plan which you can follow to help assess, build, cleanse, detox and energize your body as well as create a pathway specific for your maximum energy and health. Follow up visits are scheduled as needed and are generally one hour long. Phone or Zoom consultations are also available.

All Consultations are $100/hr (cash,check , MSA or credit card)

Individualized Plans for Self Care includes:

  • Women’s Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Children’s Health
  • Longevity and Healthy Aging
  • Building a Healthy Immune System
  • Positive Esteem Building
  • Sports Optimization and Endurance

Integrative Assessment and Approaches are Available for the Following:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lupus
  • Low Energy
  • Asthma/allergies
  • Arthritis
  • Combating Viruses and Bacterial Infections
  • Cancer
  • Digestive Issues/Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Neurological Issues to include Parkinsons, MS, Autism
  • Attention and Focusing
  • Body Balancing

I welcome those who are seeking to enhance their current level of health and are open to investigating ways in which to to feel better and be happier.


Professional Consultation


My Professional Goal

Co-Create the next generation of complementary healthcare systems, education and research which nurtures the essence and well being of individuals throughout the spectrum of life

Involved in the development of education, research and practice models of complementary health since 1981, I have worked independently and in collaboration with individuals, communities, schools, churches, corporations, physicians and multidisciplinary healthcare teams to integrate complementary therapies into best practice for the assessment, care of imbalances and the nurturing of optimal well being for those we serve.

My experience includes:

*Collaborating in the creation of The Center for Alternative Medicine in Charleston, West Virginia and coordinated operations, budget, programs, staffing and the spectrum of care offered by an interdisciplinary group of staff and practitioners. Provided holistic assessment of all new patients and created disease-specific clinical pathways which included complementary practices yielding new models of health care.

* Serving as Interim Executive Director for the The American Holistic Nurses’ Association, Flagstaff Arizona from 1998-1999 in which I reorganized corporate structure, budget, conference dynamics and provided strategic planning and organizational development for organizational viability. Coordinated national headquarters and day to day operations, working closely with education, mentoring, research and practice initiatives.

*Partnering with Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio in strategic planning for the future of healthcare. As a Healthcare Forum Fellow and mentored by Leland Kaiser, I helped to initiate“Healthy Community 2000” and designed the “Parish Nurse Outreach Program” for Columbus. Created the series “Caregiver as an Instrument of Healing” for professional staff and created the interdisciplinary team dynamics and systemic integration of the “Pain, Comfort and Healing Initiative” at Riverside which was presented as a national model. Coordinated and led the curriculum design team for K-12 which incorporated whole person well being into the New Albany School Systems. Co-created the “WorkHealth” program for corporate health for US Health Corporation.

*Serving as an adviser to the Ohio State University and other universities in strategically planning the interface of integrative health in program development and service initiatives for professionals and patients to include the creation of Centers for Integrative Medicine and “The Pain, Comfort and Healing Initiative” as well as “Approaches to Compassionate Care for Staff and Patients”.


*Advising individual practitioners in creating evidence based pathways to disease which include a complement of approaches and integration of world wide models of best practice. Helping physicians to create a business plan which incorporates integrative approaches for their practice.

A resume and list of publications and presentations are available upon request.