Nurturing the Essence of an Individual Across the Spectrum of Life

In my 45 years of healthcare experience, I have been moved by those who seek more answers and insight into caring for themselves. I serve to help bridge the gap of “disease care” by offering more insights into the essence of disease and offer suggestions which I have learned from teachers around the world using advanced assessment and complementary modalities which can help people to be healthier and more energized in all areas of life.

In looking at the whole person and how life effects their health, I offer a compassionate presence to help transcend the understanding of our current situations. I welcome you to my practice as we journey together to co-create ways to understand healing, your life, your health, your choices and your options.

It is my goal that after our initial appointment, you will have learned how to:

  • Assess yourself from a holistic perspective at any point in your life;
  • Recognize factors that are giving you energy or taking it away and make modifications to your life style, behavior, environment, way of thinking, emotional response, relationships and vocation;
  • Do an abbreviated life review that demonstrates the influence of life’s changes and challenges on your health;
  • Gain insight into the different systems of your body and understand your body’s response to your choices better;
  • Identify pathways of health that are specific for your well being;
  • Create a schedule of healthy behaviors that maximize your energy potential.