Maximizing Your Energy Potential

We are all born with a life force, a vital force which is not only biological in nature but is electrical, magnetic and resonates with all life. Our life force is special to us and interacts with all life around us and is thus influenced by many factors. With those who are sensitive to energy, one can sense and intuit the energy around them. With those who are conscious, they pay attention to the energy within them and assess what in their life gives energy or takes it away. With those who are empathic, they can feel energetic properties around them and how it effects their own life force.

Many cultures have studied this life force for thousands of years: The Orientals describe it as Qi, the Aruvedic culture calls it Prana, the Hawaiians call it Manu, the Native People call it Great Spirit.These cultures have developed practices to help the energy to flow in a healthy balance within them to maintain and achieve health. Thus the practices of tai chi and qi gong, yoga and mindfulness meditation, connecting with nature and prayer have emerged. As we grow in our communications with the other cultures through the wonders of travel and technology, we can integrate the best of all practices to help us to be healthy.

With special instrumentation the human energy field can be measured and studied, especially with the development of new technology and instrumentation (see the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy Medicine). In the past twenty years, it has become an area of research and development within the National Institutes of Health National Center for Integrative and Complementary Heath ( It seems that if the flow of energy is disrupted or imbalanced, disease can follow. Thus it is important to understand this concept in the prevention of disease as well maximizing our well being through life.

Key to the question of this energy is what is the source of the flow of energy? My personal perspective after forty years of studying these many modalities, world cultures and the emerging science of energy medicine is that there is a universal source of all energy which is available to us at any time, is given as grace to help us through life and is there to support our healing should we so choose to open the door to receive it. Some call this a Higher Power, some relate this to the laws of quantum physics and thermodynamics, and I call it a God who knows every hair on our head, every cell in our body and is the source of all love, goodness and fruits of a peaceful, happy life. (Galatians 5:22 and 23). No matter what we call it, it is important to have a connection to this source which radiates even from the earth as a healing force in our lives (see Zimmerman’s studies on Schumann waves).

It is important to nurture the special life force or essence of ourselves, however we define this in our daily lives. In becoming aware of life and our response to life, we can ask the key question of any situation, food, air we breath, friends we have, job in which we work: Is this giving me energy or taking it away? We can explore the dimensions of ourselves and see how life is effecting us from a physical, emotional, intellectual, social, vocational, spiritual and environmental arena, realizing that all these areas are key to investigating our well being and all add up to a healthy, happy life.

In designing a plan of caring for the essence of ourselves, we include: healthy food, exercise, rest, relaxation, breathing, thinking positive thoughts, being aware of our feelings and expressing them in balanced ways, relating in positive ways with those around us and honoring ourselves and how others treat us as well as how we treat others. Our work, home and natural environment has great impact on our health as we consider the air we breath, our water, our surroundings, our work as pervasive in our lives and thus important sources or drains of energy .

When we experience symptoms of physical disease, fatigue, chronic tiredness, depression, anxiety, inactivity, lack of vision and inspiration, we can assess with a whole person perspective what we are to learn about the many factors which influence all levels of energy. This can include allergies, inadequate nutrition, hormone deficiencies, toxic environments, negative thoughts, emotions and unhealthy relationships we have we ourselves, others and creation.

In my practice, we can review your life and your responses to life’s challenges and changes and how it has effected your energy and vitality through your journey. We can used computerized meridian stress assessment (MSA) to determine the flow of energy through systems of our body and identify blocks, excesses and suggest supplements, modalities and practices to create a plan of caring for yourself which can be supported with a team of recommended practitioners to help achieve optimal well being.

With coaching, a supportive team, adding awareness to our lives and co-creating a plan of caring for self care, we give ourselves permission to honor this unique life force and light in this world …the special one and only you.