Upcoming Courses

February 8, 2014 TEDx Talk at Mershon Auditorium at the Ohio State University “…and Above All, Breathe! ”

Bringing our presence to the Present moment through the power of breath to so as to create mindful responses in our life. A 10 minute guided trip through the body to promote healing, centeredness. relaxation and peace.

Available on line at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6RtLBzQfuE

The Essence of Well Being : A Plan of Caring for Ourselves.

What does it mean to be well in every area of our lives? Understanding the many dimensions and dynamics of caring for ourselves and creating a conscious and ongoing plan of self nurturing and care.

Life 101: Understanding Life and How it Effects Us.

How to assess ourselves, our response to life, and access the resources to be balanced, healthy and happy. It is recommended to take the course “The Essence of Well Being: A Plan of Caring for Ourselves” prior to this class.

How to Prevent Disease

Understanding the essence of dis-ease with insights on how to prevent imbalances in our body, mind and spirit as well as treat with a complement of integrative approaches.

Staying Healthy with the Seasons

Appreciating the healing rhythms of nature and using natural healing to enhance our vibrant health and balance each day.

The Perfect You: Optimal Performance and Longevity

Using the high performance standards of an athlete in training, we explore recommendations for the optimal health of all the systems of our body to enhance performance and longevity.

Big Bird Qi Gong

Based on the ancient Chinese art of understanding the flow of energy, or qi/chi in the body, this series of movements is designed to promote energy, health, centeredness and balance. Private sessions are available for students committed to daily practice and a three month course of study.

Refining Ourselves as Instruments of Healing: Tips on Creating a Complementary Practice.

A four day workshop for advanced practitioners in the holistic care of the person throughout the spectrum of life using a complement of modalities in helping individuals reach their highest level of health. (continuing education credits available).

Understanding the Basics of Healing
A series for advanced practitioners interested in learning to treat the essence of disease from an energy field perspective. Includes understanding the concepts and power of therapeutic presence, understanding the many dimensions of energetic balancing and basic healing techniques.

Nurturing Our Essence: Tips on Emotional Balance Using Integrative Modalities
A series for advanced practitioners in understanding the impact of our emotions on our well being. This course includes holistic assessment and introduces the practitioner to a spectrum of modalities that can be integrated into a plan of care in helping the individuals we serve.

Group courses and experiences are available upon request.